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Tips to consider when choosing a charter bus rental.


When was the last time you planned a trip with a large group? With travel being put on the back seat for much of last year, it’s finally time to get back out on the road again. Want to hit the beach on a company outing or head out of town for a short vacation but don’t want to deal with public transportation? A 56-seater luxury coach? Jump on board with all friends and family if this is your meet-up after a long gap. Minibusses are also a great way to hit the beach or a city trip. Regardless of whether for corporate travel, concerts, weddings, or a sports group going to a competition, a charter bus is ideal for a group that requires heaps of room.


Smart choice

Deciding to rent a charter bus all comes down to how big your gathering is and how long you’re willing to devote to driving. On the off chance that you need simple and effective transportation without expecting to chip in somebody to get in the driver’s seat, booking a charter bus would be your smartest choice.



With a long trip in mind you think about leg room, boot space, blasting music (ok or not?), and the lavatory. These could be things to stress over, but never with a top-of-line luxury coach. You will be relaxed and stress-free!


Check for Prohibited Items

Your guests might be great people, but even the most upstanding citizens occasionally pull a fast one. Find out what items your charter bus company prohibits and distribute the list so that everyone knows what to leave behind.

Unlike public transportation, you won’t run into any issues with bringing all your athletic equipment on a charter bus. However, you should leave any sharp objects authorities could consider weapons at home.

Clarify Food and Drink Rules

Don’t automatically assume goodies are okay. Clarify food and drink rules with your charter company before departure. Many have no problem with most food and drink but might prohibit items like gum that can create troublesome messes.

Soft on pockets

Booking a charter bus can appear to be quite an expensive affair at first glance.  However, when you’re going with a huge gathering, the expense of a transport rental can undoubtedly be parted among everybody to limit per person expense.



Professionalism-Off and On steering

Getting stuck in long lines of chock-a-block traffic and searching for shortcuts is not something that you want to do when the party mode is on. Your chauffeur will navigate through your destination in style and even a detour if you choose to. So, you can stop, step out, and pose for a candid click. Say cheese! Feel the glide as our professional driver cruises through the beautiful highways of the Tristate area. Talk to one of our expert travel concierges who will help you with the best transportation options.


Whether you’re looking for a sedate ride to the airport or a luxurious option for your next business trip, an executive transportation service can provide what you need. ESG – Executive Transportation Northern Kentucky – Cincinnati is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to make a reservation. We look forward to serving you!


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